Krokees Lakonias Olive Oil
Our olive oil is a product from the region of Krokees, Lakonias. This extra virgin olive oil has an excellent quality, an exceptionally soft, fruity, fresh taste and a guaranteed acidity level below 0,4 %. After being harvested, the olives are pressed within 24 hours, which contributes to a better quality. The resulting olive oil is neither filtered, chemically processed nor mixed with older olive oils or olive oils of other origin.

Our olive oil is the product of the Koroneiki olive (70%) and the Athino olive (30%).The Koroneiki olive is known for delivering a stable quality olive oil with a low content of poly-unsaturated fatty acids. Such an olive oil, kept under the right conditions, will preserve for a long period of time its initial characteristics. Olive oil of the Koroneiki olive is considered one of the best olive oils in the world and has already won several awards. Furthermore, the Athino olive gives a balanced fruity aroma and a peppery aftertaste to our olive oil.

Our product comes out in 750 ml glass bottles and 5 litres cans.