Krokees is a middle-sized village in the south of the Peloponnese, south of Sparta. It is situated in the fertile valley of the Evrotas River, which is flanked by the two mountain chains Taygetos and Parnonas and which in the south stretches upto the Mediterranean Sea.
Krokees lies in an agricultural region, without heavy industries that could pollute air or soil. Its location at a height of 300 metres, its ferrous soil and ruling microclimate are surely factors that play a role in the quality of the olive oil produced here.

Krokees, Lakonias

Olive tree fields in the Krokees region

The village of Krokees is also known for the ‘Krokeatis Lithos’, a magnificent forest- green volcanic rock with green and gold colored minerals. This rock was used as a decorative element in public bath houses and for the fabrication of vases. Later, it was also used for the embellishment of the Saint Peters’ cathedral in the Vatican and the Agia Sophia cathedral in Istanbul.